Leorinţ ethnographic exhibition

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Leorinţ ethnographic exhibition
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The exhibition tries to restore a traditional farmhouse. On the right side of the door was the cooking stove and next to it was the potbelly woodstove, both releasing smoke through the chimney into the collection chamber and from thereon into the attic, where they smoked bacon. In the right corner of the house was a big bed placed on poles or “pociumpi” stuck into the ground. On the bed was a straw filled mattress, covered with a homespun blanket and pillows covered with pillow cases woven with red thread stacked on top of each other, sometimes all the way up to beam. Above the bed was a rod from which decorative scarves reserved for the girl’s dowry hung down. Next to the ...bed there was invariably a daybed used for sitting or sleeping. On top of the daybed, was which decorated with a floral design, we find a traditional type of cloth attesting to the housewife’s diligence. Above it was the hanger, painted with a floral motif, on top of which stone plates were set and from which glazed cups hung. The vests and hats hung at the end of the bed on another hanger. In the left corner of the house was another bed, with a dresser next to it. Above it was a sideboard on which plates, bottles and glasses for everyday use were placed. In front of the dresser was a simple wooden table, with two feet stuck to the ground. Under the table, on a board, were the water jugs and cups used for drinking. On the door was a board with holes in it from which wooden spoons hung, and above it was a shelf also meant for the wares used in the house. There was usually a cradle present inside the traditional house as well as glass painted icons on the walls and seldom even a mirror.

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