Roşia Montană ethnographic exhibition

Roşia Montană ethnographic exhibition
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Fabrics and needlepoint are representative for this area, either as furniture coverings, as decoration or as clothing. The first category includes carpets, cushions, wall sheets, tablecloths, bedding. Predominantly yellow shapes of geometric (diamonds, squares, hexagons, circles, lines), floral (poppies, tulips, roses, sprigs), cosmic (moon, stars) or animal (ram's horns, birds) nature blend harmoniously pursuant to the principles of the decorative art (repetition, alternation, symmetry) over a mainly green or brown background. The cloth can have a plain weave (beaten), a twill weave or a sateen weave depending on which technique is used. The most demanding and painstakingly difficult tech...nique is the sateen weave. Through this technique one makes patterns after choosing the types of yarn and the colors of the fiber according to a given pattern. Another category of textiles is used for clothing: shirts, aprons, skirts, petticoats, undershirts, trousers, keeping with the specific of local costumes - black skirts with different color stitching and shirts with darting. The interior consisted of a hallway and the house proper, the former being used more in the summertime. Here we find the hearth where the oven for baking bread is set and it occupies almost half the room. The smoke went straight up to the attic because the room had no ceiling. Within the house the traditional bed occupies most of the room, both in length and in height, with a long seat set along its side. A long dresser made with the same technique as the seat and a table were also placed in this room. On the walls we find plates, icons and to a lesser extent photographs; there was a mirror or a large icon adorned with embroidered towels between the windows. Hanging from the crossbeam we have decorative scarves and clay cups and plates.

Roşia de Secaş
Roşia de Secaş
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